Tasty teas

These teas can resemble virtually any flavor imaginable.

May 11th, '11, 06:36
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Tasty teas

by danielle1400 » May 11th, '11, 06:36

I have tried many flavoured teas but all seem to just taste like water any teas that do have slight falouring would be helpful :)

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May 11th, '11, 13:32
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Re: Tasty teas

by iannon » May 11th, '11, 13:32

well..what have you tried and how did you brew them?
personally I have found most "flavored" tea's to be overpowering

May 13th, '11, 12:36
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Re: Tasty teas

by ninavampi » May 13th, '11, 12:36

Which teas have you tried? I think that you may have not used enough tea leaves or maybe you under brewed the blend.

What flavor are you looking for? Adagio's valentines tea is a great chocolate flavored tea, and the cinnamon is spectacular! I also have a soft spot for the strawberry black mixed with cream black. Delicious.

Another great flavor is vanilla black with peppermint. It tastes just like candycanes!!

Teavana also has some good flavores. Their Javavana Mate tea is great.

Look around and I am sure you will find a flavor that you enjoy.

I can go on and on and on... One of the funnest things about tea is the huge array of flavors that you can achieve!

Jul 6th, '11, 10:23
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Re: Tasty teas

by Olmanrivah » Jul 6th, '11, 10:23

I'm now trying a Celeste Blueberry tea. Actually pretty good. It's some samples that are in tea bag form. The box has 5 different flavors. Not bad. It has a distinct blueberry fragrance and taste.

For a guy that like his Black tea strong, this is a nice change once in awhile.

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Jul 6th, '11, 11:24
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Re: Tasty teas

by debunix » Jul 6th, '11, 11:24

danielle1400 wrote:I have tried many flavoured teas but all seem to just taste like water any teas that do have slight falouring would be helpful :)
One way to get stronger flavors to please your palate is to add them yourself--keep your own collection of citrus zest, lemon grass, peppermint, hibiscus, osmanthus, licorice root, whole spices.

Jan 3rd, '14, 11:41
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Re: Tasty teas

by Meenie » Jan 3rd, '14, 11:41

One of my biggest troubles with Teavana is that they add sugar to their in store samples without telling you.
I went to Adagio and searched their ingredients and it says this:
"Our tea is sugar free, gluten free, and in most cases contains zero calories (as long as you don't add milk and sugar). It's quite good for you too! See our health benefits page for details."
Sounds much better!

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