Flavored White, Green, and Decaf Black Teas

These teas can resemble virtually any flavor imaginable.

Feb 7th 13 5:23 am
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Flavored White, Green, and Decaf Black Teas

by Sims2Challenges » Feb 7th 13 5:23 am


I am a huge fan of flavored teas, especially fruit flavored, and enjoy blending flavors together (I currently have 80 signature blends). Adagio satisfies my need for flavored black teas (although I am still bitter that black pineapple is no longer available) but I find it lacking in flavored White, Green, and Decaf Black Teas. About a year and a half ago I discovered another site that had amazing flavored teas, particularly white and green teas. You could even make your own starting with a base tea and adding the flavorings you want. Sadly they have just gone out of business leaving a large gap in my tea collection. :( Some of the best were Papaya Green Tea, Papaya White Tea, Raspberry White Tea, and Pineapple Green Tea. This was also the only place I could get Blackberry White (through a custom mix), which is my absolute favorite tea. I'm wondering if anyone knows where I can get a Blackberry White or even a loose Blackberry Herbal that I could infuse with a white. I have read a little about making your own with essential oils but I don't know much about it and worry I might poison myself. I know I could infuse whole blackberries with the tea but I mostly drink tea at work. I have small tins of loose tea that I make a cup at a time (I like variety in my day) so actual berries aren't practical.

Blackberry is my primary focus but I would love to find the other flavors I mentioned previously. More decaf options would be great as well. Does anyone know where I can find these flavors or how I can make them on my own?