Making own tea

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Sep 1st 05 7:18 am

Making own tea

by Tea Freak » Sep 1st 05 7:18 am

Has anybody ever tried making their own tea. i cant find any tea making kits. how do you do it?????????? :?: please help me, i am nice :D i want to make Dandelion tea!

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Sep 2nd 05 10:50 pm
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by himthatwas » Sep 2nd 05 10:50 pm

You wouldn't want to make your own "tea". That would be quite a bit of work. It invovles drying and rolling and heating and repeating several times.

It looks like what you want to do if you're referring to Dandelion tea is just take some Dandelions and dry them. Once they are dry you could brew them up or add them to some regular tea from the store and have some dandelion flavored tea.
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