Custom blends

These teas can resemble virtually any flavor imaginable.

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Sep 20th 05 4:35 pm
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by chris » Sep 20th 05 4:35 pm

We've actually temporarily 86'ed this feature -- our custom blends software needs some serious work so we can do this as efficiently as possible without sacrificing quality. You'll see it return in the next few weeks!

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Sep 20th 05 4:38 pm
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by klemptor » Sep 20th 05 4:38 pm

I've made four blends thus far:
  • Blend #1: Apricot:10, Ginger:10, Mango:40, Passionfruit:30, Vanilla:10
    Blend #2: Currant:10, Mango:30, Passionfruit:30, Raspberry:20, Vanilla:10 (I think)
    Blend #3: Cinnamon:40, Currant:30, Raspberry:20, Vanilla:10
    Blend #4: Almond:20, Cinnamon:30, Currant:30, Vanilla:20
(Blends 3 and 4 are very similar.)

My favorites are blends 2 and 3. I just received blend 4 yesterday and haven't had a chance to try it but it does smell wonderful.

The next blends I want to try are:
  • (Blend #5): Almond:20, Coconut:30, Currant:30, Forest Berries:20
    (Blend #6): Almond:10, Currant:40, Plum:40, Rum:10
    (Blend #7): Apricot:20, Coconut:20, Currant:20, Lemon:20, Raspberry:20
I've been curious to blend (for instance) Oriental Spice with Coconut and Lemon - it could either be really good or really gross. (I lean toward good, though.) I wish there were a way to order a sample of a custom blend but I know that wouldn't be particularly cost-effective for Adagio.

Somewhat along this topic: CommuniTea (the tea community that I belong to on LiveJournal) is doing a tea swap this month. I was thinking that we could organize something similar here for custom blends - I'd love to try what others have created. I don't know if anybody would be interested but I thought I'd throw it out there ;)
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