Disappointed with Chocolate Tea

These teas can resemble virtually any flavor imaginable.

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Oct 5th, '08, 00:38
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by Trioxin » Oct 5th, '08, 00:38

I grow chocolate mint, and sometimes will put a few leaves in with a gunpowder green. Turns out very well.

Dec 13th, '08, 12:18
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Re: Disappointed with Chocolate Tea

by Cofftea » Dec 13th, '08, 12:18

henley wrote:I'm open for suggestions... The times that I've tried chocolate tea either alone or mixed w/something, it has a bitterness to it. I don't know if I simply don't like it or if I'm doing something wrong. I use boiling water & steep for 4 min.
Botanical Indulgence from Neenah, WI (botanicalindulgence.com) makes a Black Whiskey Creme. 180 degrees for 5 min.

Feb 11th, '09, 13:24
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by Leeloo » Feb 11th, '09, 13:24

I'm drinking the chocolate tea right now. I love it and I have finally figured out what it reminds me of! Tootsie Rolls! I love them too.

Feb 11th, '09, 19:09
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by silvermage2000 » Feb 11th, '09, 19:09

You should think about trying culinary teas white chocolate mousse and the got other chocolates to on their site. I have never tried this tea. But I wen't to teavana's website and from the reviews the cacao mint black I's good.

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Feb 13th, '09, 09:56
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by Jen B. » Feb 13th, '09, 09:56

In my original sampler order I received Chocolate as well as Vanilla and Cinnamon. I gave each flavor a try on its own (so I'd know what each was like hot and cold), I found that I really preferred Chocolate when it was blended with a touch of the Vanilla.

I sweeten my tea with honey; again just a touch. I'm not sure what folks prefer to sweeten their tea with or if there is a discussion of that, but that's how I roll.

My opinion once I tasted everything is the Chocolate flavored tea is more of an aromatic experience rather than a taste sensation. If I want to truly taste chocolate, that's what I have in my pantry to snack on along with my sips of tea! The black tea used in the flavor blend is strong enough to stand up to the aromatics blended into it so I didn't feel the tea was lost in the flavor.

Feb 16th, '09, 18:40
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by silvermage2000 » Feb 16th, '09, 18:40

You can also look at this for some. teaviews.com/category/chocolateteas

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