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Jan 8th, '09, 21:20
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DaVinci or Torani syrup recipes for coffee made with tea

by treazure » Jan 8th, '09, 21:20

I was ordering some DaVinci flavored syrups (sugar free) and looked over the recipe section. They have a lot of recipes for coffee drinks, desserts and such, but not much in the way of tea recipes. They have several steamers recipes (flavoring and steamed milk - good go to bed and sleep drinks) so I changed it from milk to tea with some whipped cream on top.

I'm ignoring the calories in the whipped cream. If you don't like any sweetener in your tea, you won't like the syrups.

What I made today:
3/4 ounce DaVinci toasted marshmallow syrup (awesome in hot cocoa, btw)
1/4 ounce DaVinci almond syrup
Good size mug hot tea
Sweetened, whipped cream

I stirred the syrups in (sugar free) the hot tea and squirted whipped cream over the top.

Totally ignoring the calories, I also did a tea drink with pumpkin spice syrup, some minced candied ginger, whipped cream on top with a sprinkle of ground pumpkin pie spice on top.

The syrups should work well with all the tea latte recipes on the net, too.