Best Earl Grey

These teas can resemble virtually any flavor imaginable.

Jan 15th, '09, 16:10
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Best Earl Grey

by AKTea » Jan 15th, '09, 16:10

From the beginning of time Earl Grey has been one of my favorite teas. Like Ol' Reliable. It's become something of a comfort food. I've tried Earl Grey from countless places and some have a stronger bergamot flavor. I've found Market Spice's to be one of my favorite sources. Does anyone else have a recommendation on where to get the most flavorful Earl Grey?

I've also had Earl Grey rooibos, green and creme- all very good!!

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Jan 15th, '09, 17:01
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by kymidwife » Jan 15th, '09, 17:01

Upton has an "Extra Bergamot Earl Grey" if you are looking for more potency in the bergamot. I got a sample tin of it, and it really is stronger than any other I'd tried.


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Jan 15th, '09, 17:13
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by teaguru » Jan 15th, '09, 17:13

My favourite Earl Grey has got to be a small tin of Cream Earl Grey that I picked up my local tea shop. I had never had Earl Grey tea before then, but I bought the tea after smelling it. It is obscenely romantic and cool smelling, and you can taste the cream in it as you drink it.

While at a friend's house, I served him a cup of Cream Earl Grey, and it completely blew his mind. The next time I went to the tea shop, he came with me, and bought two 100g tins of the tea. I'd like to get him to try some other teas, such as greens and whites, but he loves his Cream Earl Grey so much that he refuses to try anything else.

This is a tea that would truly make Jean Luc Picard proud.

Jan 16th, '09, 12:06
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by AKTea » Jan 16th, '09, 12:06

Thanks for the suggestions, Sarah. I look for it!

I have a cup of Creme next to me now and, oh, is the scent heavenly! My sons (12 and 7 years old) love it!! I'm making little tea junkies out of them.

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Jan 16th, '09, 13:50
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by Cinnamon Kitty » Jan 16th, '09, 13:50

I like Earl Grey White Tip from TeaSource. It isn't as potent in terms of bergamot, but it has an awesome flavor and smells wonderful.

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Jan 17th, '09, 01:50
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by Vulture » Jan 17th, '09, 01:50

While I don't know about stronger, I do like the Earl Gray and Lady Gray teas from Twinnings. I actually have some of the earl gray loose leaf besides the bags (thanks to a friend).

Jan 26th, '09, 18:43
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SpecialTeas has very good Earl Grey teas

by Intuit » Jan 26th, '09, 18:43

I can recommend SpecialTeas Earl Grey blends; I very much like their classic, 820 Fine Earl Grey and 826, their lavender version - also known as Lady Earl Grey. Also can recommend the organic Earl Grey (827 Earl Grey Organic).

Haven't tried their cream variety (821 Earl Grey De La Creme) nor the new product, a China Black earl grey (822 Earl Grey Royal), that sounds like a more robust version of the traditional tea.

I go through periods where the bergamot flavor is overwhelming, and then I will try it again maybe 6 months later and I will really enjoy it again. *shrug*

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Jan 26th, '09, 20:22
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by jazz88 » Jan 26th, '09, 20:22

I really like Earl Grey. My personal favorite:
821 Earl Grey De La Creme from ... mage77.y=0

Feb 6th, '09, 14:03
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by silvermage2000 » Feb 6th, '09, 14:03

Teavana has a earl grey cream for $4.50 for 20z That I think you could consider to check out.

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Feb 6th, '09, 14:32
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by woozl » Feb 6th, '09, 14:32

Too much bergamot kills me, I like Harney's EG supreme, nice and tippy.

Feb 23rd, '09, 08:42
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by CJluvsT » Feb 23rd, '09, 08:42

I got the sample form Adagio, and to me it's VERY strong! A little too strong. I use less tea and a one minute steep time.

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Feb 23rd, '09, 10:38
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by silverneedles » Feb 23rd, '09, 10:38

does the SpecialTeas bergamot have any hints of citrus(lemon/orange) ? (not a fan of that)
i'd get their 3 earl greys, but 6$ shipping for 3$ of tea is not so hot :P

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Feb 23rd, '09, 12:29
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by auggy » Feb 23rd, '09, 12:29

I may be totally off base here, but I thought bergamot was a citrus/orange flavor?

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Feb 23rd, '09, 13:17
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by silverneedles » Feb 23rd, '09, 13:17

yeah, i just enjoy it more when those orange tones are less striking

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Feb 23rd, '09, 21:48
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by auggy » Feb 23rd, '09, 21:48


It's been a while since I've had it, but Special Teas' Earl Grey de la Creme struck me as pretty different for an EG. The cream/vanilla flavor mellows it but doesn't keep it from being flavorful.

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