Yunnan Moon Beauty Raw Pu-Erh

One of the intentionally aged teas, Pu-Erh has a loyal following.

Feb 6th, '18, 21:44
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Yunnan Moon Beauty Raw Pu-Erh

by ESOSYNTHIKIN2325 » Feb 6th, '18, 21:44

I ordered 400g of Yunnan Moon Beauty Loose Tea. what should I know about it? :twisted:

Feb 11th, '18, 17:41
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Re: Yunnan Moon Beauty Raw Pu-Erh

by MuYun » Feb 11th, '18, 17:41

As a first thought maybe first ordering a sample would have been wiser? :)
I f it is what I think it is than you'll have something which is closer to a white tea than a classical pu erh.

Feb 12th, '18, 23:37
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Re: Yunnan Moon Beauty Raw Pu-Erh

by DongbeiRenr » Feb 12th, '18, 23:37

This is one of my favorite kinds of tea, but if you’re expecting a typical raw puer you’re going to be disappointed. Just appreciate it for what it is. You can try steeping gongfu style or western, boiling water or 85c. I like mixing all of the above. It produces radically different results, all of which have some great qualities.

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