CVault for Pu-Erh Storage

One of the intentionally aged teas, Pu-Erh has a loyal following.

Jan 13th 19 1:41 am
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CVault for Pu-Erh Storage

by TFrankMac » Jan 13th 19 1:41 am

Has anyone experimented using a CVault for pu-erh storage? I’ve used stainless steel containers for coffee storage and found the CVaults airtight seal, odor neutral material, and built in humidification capability appealing for pu-erh storage.

Jan 18th 19 3:32 am
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Re: CVault for Pu-Erh Storage

by Alucard » Jan 18th 19 3:32 am

I have not tried these but I currently use plastics tubs. Maybe in the future but it would get costly. To fit 357g-400g cake you'll need the 4 liter container or larger for a diameter large enough to fit the cake and have some clearance for airflow. I suggest measuring before buy based on this statement. :)