Help with minerality

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Feb 6th 19 9:43 pm
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Help with minerality

by WuWeiLong » Feb 6th 19 9:43 pm

Hi there. I only tried high quality aged sheng recently. The first two infusions were always my favourite infusions of any tea. Then it’s just infusion after infusion of minerality. I enjoy the minerality, but I feel like I would be enjoying what the minerality is covering up, mich much more.

I had a similar experience this evening when I tried my first Lao Cong (old bush) Shui Xian. The first two infusions were fantastically complex and rich and promising. Then just minerality for the rest of the session.

Is minerality a factor in all good quality sheng and yancha? I wish I could taste the tea underneath, as the first time fusions make me believe the tea would be stunning.

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Feb 9th 19 7:01 am
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Re: Help with minerality

by tingjunkie » Feb 9th 19 7:01 am

What kind of water are you using? To me it sounds like the water could be the issue instead of the tea.