Hey Bangkok Puerh Folks

One of the intentionally aged teas, Pu-Erh has a loyal following.

Feb 11th 20 3:48 am
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Re: Hey Bangkok Puerh Folks

by Ludovitche » Feb 11th 20 3:48 am

If you visit Chiang Mai, Thailand, there is a new place to get your puerh fix:
My wife's coffee shop, "Iris Café Nimman" (you can find it on Facebook or PM me) now serves a dozen of Chinese teas, including five Pu-erh teas.

Starting at 70 baht for 6 grams of young puerh "2019 Autumn Jingmai", up to 220 baht for 7 grams of 2003 Hong Kong Henry's "Serious Formula" 7542.

I also included in the menu some teas that I think are fairly priced when you include service:
- an everyday Longjing tea for 70 baht a teapot - no bitterness at all, roasted peanut taste is present
- a good 5 years old Liu-An for 80 baht a gongfu session (> 5 grams)
- a traditional Lapsang Soochong for 110 baht a teapot (1/2 a liter)

It's just to get you fix :
- it is not a tea shop, the main business is coffee and homemade cakes
- DIY gongfu sessions only, our staff are not trained to do a tea ceremony

The shop has also signature interesting coffees, for example Vietnamese Egg coffee.
Iris Café Nimman also has free parking lot - even for cars !

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Re: Hey Bangkok Puerh Folks

by isabellamor » Feb 12th 20 7:28 am

Bangkok has always been one of my favorite place to visit as everything seems cheap. I love drinking a cup of Puerh tea in the morning.