Indigestion With Puerh?

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Mar 18th, '11, 05:41
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Re: Indigestion With Puerh?

by lastcoyote » Mar 18th, '11, 05:41

sugar!?! :shock:

May 2nd, '12, 15:43
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Re: Indigestion With Puerh?

by JakubT » May 2nd, '12, 15:43

Digging up a buried topic - some stress and drinking two teas a day for two years has caused me problems with digestion too. Two things have helped me - max one tea a day and Kava - in my case, the stomach problems are probably caused by some subconscious anxiety and Kava helps with these. So if you feel unwell after drinking too much tea, Kava is a good way of curing it. I bought it at Kona Kava farm and it is quite good (one even does get used to the taste :)).

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May 2nd, '12, 17:31
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Re: Indigestion With Puerh?

by teaisme » May 2nd, '12, 17:31

do you think it has anything to do with drinking all those strong young puerh?

I find I don't reach for them often even though I do enjoy them when I do.
The plantation stuff especially can get me feeling uneasy (relating to your anxiety, minus indigestion) if I drink too much at once. I wonder if this is because of pesticides, or because the leaf is more chopped releasing more caffeine then I am anticipating. Or maybe this is just the nature of young strong puerh?

As for the OP, only time tea has ever given me indigestion has been while drinking unknown shu at unknown restaurants in taiwan/hong kong.
Not every shou mind you, just certain ones were 'off'. So either it was sketchy food or sketchy shou. I go with shou.

May 4th, '12, 10:37
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Re: Indigestion With Puerh?

by JakubT » May 4th, '12, 10:37

teaisme: Hmmm, I don't really think it's because of young puerh - even wulongs don't do me too well occasionally - I think it has been just too much tea.

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May 6th, '12, 21:59
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Re: Indigestion With Puerh?

by TwoDog2 » May 6th, '12, 21:59

Were you having several burritos before your sessions? Rookie mistake.

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