What pu er to age?

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Aug 16th, '11, 00:01
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What pu er to age?

by spaceshipper » Aug 16th, '11, 00:01

Can anyone point me towards some good sheng pu er cakes that I can age at home? I was thinking of purchasing from yunnansourcing.com, maybe buying some 2011 menghai and some yunnansourcing cakes. Any recipes in particular that are good? I've heard it is difficult to judge how a cake will age until it is 5 years old. Perhaps I order samples of a bunch of 2006-2007 samples and then order the ones I like? I'm guessing there may be a few posts about this already so feel free to point me towards those if they exist.


Aug 16th, '11, 13:57
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Re: What pu er to age?

by NAFWARRIOR » Aug 16th, '11, 13:57

Hello Spaceshipper,
Just ask Scott at Yunnan sourcing through the contact us button. He is more than helpful. I am a sheng drinker and have quiet a few cakes from YS and they are excellent value. I always try to get one cake to drink now and some for age. Scott will not lead you wrong. His new YS teas are killer his older teas are very good as well. 8)

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Aug 16th, '11, 18:25
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Re: What pu er to age?

by apache » Aug 16th, '11, 18:25

I cannot suggest you any specify cakes as this wouldn't be unwise for me to say it. However, I saw a good article by Nicolas Tang, especially the last paragraph which I hope you would find it helpful. I think now it almost became a cliche to suggest someone to keep sampling of all kind of different teas until you know how to select teas which is not only good quality for aging, but you also like to drink after it been aged, sadly it's true and there is no short cut! The only thing I like to add from Nicolas article is also to sample some good aged tea and this would help you to see the connection between potential of a young tea and the development profile of a good aged tea.

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