Pu-erh aged in leather bags – real or not?

One of the intentionally aged teas, Pu-Erh has a loyal following.

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Oct 1st, '11, 08:08
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Pu-erh aged in leather bags – real or not?

by Mooniac » Oct 1st, '11, 08:08


About a year ago my friend sent me a link to the livejournal of some tea enthusiast who was going to China once in a while and buying different teas there. One of the most unusual teas he had was the pu-erh (I believe it was pu-erh, because the tea was aged) aged in leather bags which were exposed to the environment. There were the pictures of some sort of show or convention where he took the pictures of those big rectangular bags with very dark and compressed tea leaves in it. So… I lost the link to that journal and neither me, nor the friend ho gave it to me remember the name of the guy or the name of the tea. And I am really curious what sort of tea was that, because I referred it to the tea expert at the local tea store and she didn’t know what I was talking about.

One more thing I remember about that tea is that there is a story behind the way peope age it. Long time ago, one farmer or merchant was moving bags with tea to the market, bit he was robbed and killed and his bags were thrown to the side of the road by bandits. They sit there for several years, until the nearby village experienced famine and they found those bags and decided to brew whatever was in them to get some sort of drink or soup. And they brewed it and the brew was good.

So, anyone know what sort of pu-erh is that? :?