Why rinse?

One of the intentionally aged teas, Pu-Erh has a loyal following.

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Feb 7th, '12, 17:35
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Re: Why rinse?

by JRS22 » Feb 7th, '12, 17:35

wyardley wrote:
JRS22 wrote: If the first rinse is primarily for cleaning then I would think it would be more effective to do it in a strainer rather than the pot. And after reading your description of possible contaminants I might not have the stomach for puer without giving it a 'bath' first!
I hope you don't ever eat, say, peanut butter....
I used to! Anyway now I understand why my cat likes Puerh!

Feb 8th, '12, 14:05
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Re: Why rinse?

by beecrofter » Feb 8th, '12, 14:05

Rinsing in a strainer does nothing to preheat your pot.

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Feb 8th, '12, 14:24
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Re: Why rinse?

by wyardley » Feb 8th, '12, 14:24

beecrofter wrote:Rinsing in a strainer does nothing to preheat your pot.
I know some people may combine these steps to save time and / or water, but typically, I, and most people I know, preheat the teaware first, then rinse.

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Feb 8th, '12, 14:59
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Re: Why rinse?

by tony shlongini » Feb 8th, '12, 14:59

Saayuq wrote:In Yup'ik culture we are taught not to let anything go to waste. The bowl is always cleaned completely, nothing is left on the plate. Having lived here for a long time I have become somewhat acculturated, therefore I have a hard time rinsing the leaves. My tendency is to throw that into my first cup and drink it. Help me understand the purpose of rinsing before the first infusion.
I'm guessing you guys don't have a "five second rule".

Try some baoyan brick without rinsing it. :wink:

Feb 9th, '12, 01:23
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Re: Why rinse?

by Saayuq » Feb 9th, '12, 01:23

I'm guessing you guys don't have a "five second rule".

The catch is it doesn't count as waste if it goes to the dogs, or in our case, the chickens.

Mar 17th, '14, 03:23
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Re: Why rinse?

by quikstep » Mar 17th, '14, 03:23

Just found the video below while searching on CCTV. This could just be a "show" to reassure CN of their own food safety standard.

http://search.cctv.com/playVideo.php?de ... a341c00834

Main take away
1. Pesticides can't be washed away easily as it's not soluble.
2. Washing could waste 20% of "goodness".

Afaik, 1 brick tea I had made in 2011 with QS label and all had a 5mmx5mm lump of sand in it.

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Mar 17th, '14, 12:55
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Re: Why rinse?

by yalokinh » Mar 17th, '14, 12:55

I actually don't rinse.
I'm not worried about pesticides, since its not going to go away in just one rinse.
I think it wastes a perfectly good brew, and I'm just lazy haha :lol:

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Mar 17th, '14, 14:19
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Re: Why rinse?

by the_economist » Mar 17th, '14, 14:19

It often isn't a very good brew unless you push it long. My sense is that throwing the first flash rinse helps subsequent infusions but I'm sure there are people who feel differently.

I don't think tea is processed in sterile conditions with rubber gloves and all. Neither is it stored in pretty stainless steel containers most of the time.

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