When do the "green" tastes of sheng fade away?

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Jun 25th, '12, 10:26
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Re: When do the "green" tastes of sheng fade away?

by apache » Jun 25th, '12, 10:26

JRS22 wrote:
yanom wrote:Wish I could find a copy.
Wonder are there differences between the English edition and the Chinese edition, I mean in term of contents beside the languages?

http://www.teahouse.com.hk/product/deta ... _pt_23.htm

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Jun 26th, '12, 00:18
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Re: When do the "green" tastes of sheng fade away?

by TwoDog2 » Jun 26th, '12, 00:18

apache wrote:
yanom wrote: Strange: I consider myself pretty competent at using the internet but it's impossible to get firm answers, I guess because no-one active in the English-speaking internet world has stored pu'er for more than 15 years?
Dare I say it should be virtually no one outside HK or southeast asia has stored pu for more than 10 years.

More or less. And even in Asia, it's hit or miss with expertise.

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