Seeking shu of similar quality?

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Jul 19th, '12, 21:08
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Seeking shu of similar quality?

by largeteateas » Jul 19th, '12, 21:08

Hello TC my first post here! I've been into the shu's since 06 and have found that I REALLY like the 2010 dayi gongtuo but am wanting to try something different that's in the same strength/quality range without being disappointed.
I like both menghai and mengku area shu's can someone guide me towards some shu's that may fit?

Also Im looking to sample some sheng's but am truly lost as to anything sheng,

I know it's hard to give recommendations as everyone's taste are different but I know at least a few of you here have tried the 2010 gongtuo and can maybe give some opinions as to other nice shu's

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Jul 19th, '12, 22:29
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Re: Seeking shu of similar quality?

by Charlotte_J » Jul 19th, '12, 22:29

I just bought some Dayi Gongtuo's myself and find they are very nice! If you want to go for a higher amount/weight, I would try Douji. They have a few cooked puers. They have two puer cakes and one brick that I have tried. Now that I type that, I am not sure, maybe they have two kinds of bricks, but I only tried one kind of their bricks. The price is higher, but they use equal of better material in the cooker puer cakes than they use in the dayi tuos! :mrgreen:

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