Puerh with High Energy

One of the intentionally aged teas, Pu-Erh has a loyal following.

Feb 20th, '13, 18:23
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Re: Puerh with High Energy

by fdrx » Feb 20th, '13, 18:23

Guangya QiXingChaWang 2012 (not DingJi... sorry for the confusion...)
Powerful qi! 10g in the gaiwan launch me into orbit. Is it from wuliang area? bangwei? somewhere else? [EDIT on 2014/03/05] very obvious Bulang... really bitter... qi not that strong this time... perhaps i was brewing the Dingji which is now an obvious mengla tea [/EDIT] Taste is only ok, makes my mouth oily and happy, great durability, fantastic tea i could buy at 40% of the regular price.



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Nov 16th, '13, 19:32
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Re: Puerh with High Energy

by bagua7 » Nov 16th, '13, 19:32

2010 Lancang raw cake. Almost tea drunk after a drinking session with a tea buddy. Gee! I remember getting tea drunk the first time I tried that cake after only 5 infusions, 3 years later and still going strong, lol. It is going to age well. :D

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Nov 19th, '13, 21:04
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Re: Puerh with High Energy

by chrl42 » Nov 19th, '13, 21:04

hmm..Wuliang mt. maocha was pretty high..so was Qian Jia Zhai's...Da Xue Shan...Man Nong (west of Nannuo)..Pa Sha...hmm what else.. :roll:

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