Location or Tea Master...

One of the intentionally aged teas, Pu-Erh has a loyal following.

Aug 18th, '12, 10:37
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Location or Tea Master...

by ciphoto » Aug 18th, '12, 10:37

I’ve sampled the 2002 Hai Lang Hao "Mengku Wild Arbor “ and really like it. If any one knows of a cake with similar characteristics let me know, I’d love to sample them.

I’m going to look for other cakes that maybe similar. So how would those experienced go about doing so. The description just says Mengku county, single estate. I’ve tried another from Mengku factory that is also Mengku county, bingdao area but it doesn’t have the same smokeness taste, aroma or mouth feel as the Hai Lang Hao.

What part of the taste, aroma characteristics are mainly developed by location, micro climate etc, and what are do to the processing, blending of the tea?