I Aged My Pu In A Day!

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Feb 28th 13 12:05 am
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Re: I Aged My Pu In A Day!

by apache » Feb 28th 13 12:05 am

lordsbm wrote:
apache wrote:If I remember correctly, I think both "dates" taste similar even though in term of phylogeny they are miles apart.

I have no problem with salted fish, the fishy taste I refered to here is the taste you would have if you go to the dentist have some major operation and your mouth is filled with blood, that the fishy taste I mean and even think about it makes me feel sick!

Don't worry about blind leading the blind, as there must be more than one way to be enlightened and lead on to puerh tea Nirvana. :mrgreen:
The dates actually taste different. One is 红枣 hongzao (jujuba) which is more sun dried or dehydrated fruit taste, can taste a bit herbal which is mainly used with herbs or in herbal soup. The other is 蜜枣 mizao (dactylifera) which is sweeter, normally used in dessert soup.

So the fishy taste you refer to is like rotten meat or bad blood... I'd yet encountered that, but I will sooner or later :lol:

I'm just looking at better health with pu-erh, at the same time learning to enjoy the taste and knowledge that comes with it.

My dad had cholesterol and quite bad gout issue with one of his leg. In traditional Chinese medicine, the ideal time for him to drink is 3-5pm daily. He drank pu-erh daily at that timing for half a year.

His cholesterol is in check despite no change in his diet. But what surprise me is that he can now take moderate amount of beans, carrots, etc. These are stuffs that can make his gout come back the following day and can last for weeks.

Pardon me that I went off topic, but just wanted to share how good pu-erh is 8)
I'm glad that your dad find pu improve his health.

I did have some pu samples taste a bit like blood! This is a bit extreme, but some sheng do go through a phase of a little bit fishy taste.