Puerh Information and Puerh Shame

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Sep 23rd, '13, 12:46
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Re: Puerh Information and Puerh Shame

by Devoted135 » Sep 23rd, '13, 12:46

NPE wrote:I guess it is a bit late but I have just found a video about this on http://www.banateacompany.com/pages/puerh_videos.html. Scroll down to the second video from the bottom...
Thanks, that was really cool!

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Sep 24th, '13, 09:26
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Re: Puerh Information and Puerh Shame

by MEversbergII » Sep 24th, '13, 09:26

Indeed. I've seen some of traditional stone press processing, but that's the first time I've seen the press in action. Interesting that the thing just seems to go on it's own, seems dangerous.


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