Artificial Humidification Update

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Jul 20th, '13, 20:04
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Artificial Humidification Update

by Exempt » Jul 20th, '13, 20:04

I thought I would make this update for anyone who plans on building a pumidor in the future. I built my pumidor a little bit less than a year ago out of a refrigerator, a computer fan, and 2 pounds of heartfelt humidification beads. In the past couple weeks I've noticed a slightly strange smell coming from the hearfelt beads when I refilled them with distilled water. I took them out and let them dry out so I could smell them when they weren't wet. I surprisingly noticed an ammonia like smell. After a little reading I found that some of the bacterial processes in puerh do, in fact, give off ammonia. The Silica absorbed the smell and was keeping it in the pumidor. I don't want the ammonia smell so I am ditching the beads and I ordered a set and forget humidifier from aristocrat humidors.

TLDR; Humidity beads absorb the ammonia given off by puerh bacterial processes so don't use them, I bought an Aristocrat humidifier, I'll update wednesday when it arrives