King of Leaf from Distinctly Tea

One of the intentionally aged teas, Pu-Erh has a loyal following.

Jan 31st, '14, 21:47
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King of Leaf from Distinctly Tea

by Ursinos » Jan 31st, '14, 21:47

This is my first foray into Pu-erh teas. I had liked the smell of the leaf of this one when I gave it a wiff at the store. mildly earthy with a hind of an almost chocolate-like scent.

brewed, 5g leaf to 100ml water @95C. after a flash rinse. 1st steep for 1 minute

Colour of liquor: dark red-brown, darker than I'm used to seeing a tea actually. put me more in mind of coffee with a bit of red tint.
Aroma: musky sweet. my first impression was actually memories of working on a horse farm, and the smell of fresh cleaned stables. (this is a good thing. pleasant memories :D )
Flavor: dark and earthy. vegetal. hint of tobacco. Lingers in the mouth pleasantly. overall, very pleasant without being overwelming. no bitterness or astringency at all.

I kinda like this. It's not a very meditative cup of tea like I find TKY oolongs, this has the same feelings for me as Lapsang, more a tea I'd drink while working on a project or as a wakeup tea in the morning. Not as overpowering in flavor as I was expecting, so will be looking to try others.