Flavored pu-erh.

One of the intentionally aged teas, Pu-Erh has a loyal following.

Feb 1st, '14, 23:31
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Flavored pu-erh.

by ClarG » Feb 1st, '14, 23:31

Does anyone here like flavored pu-erh? I know a lot of people here will just like it plain or think flavored pu-erh is gross or wrong.

I bought some Assam tea on the internet from Darlene's tea port tea company in the Midwest for my roommate as a gift. Included with the 4oz of loose leaf 2nd flush tea from the Gingia estate, was a small sample of Scottish Caramel Toffee Pu-erh. I made a cup each for he and I, and we enjoyed it.

For Christmas I received a Mandarin orange with green pu-erh from this tea company as a gift from a friend. http://www.nmteaco.com/puer.html

I have yet to try it. At the store where another friend of mine bought me tea from the NM tea co. for a Christmas present they told him just to use a teaspoon and it was good for multiple steepings.

The NM Tea Co. also sells another flavored pu-erh called Iron silk pu-erh: A very strong puerh is blended with peppermint, clove, and licorice root to create a brew that is strong yet incredibly smooth. The additional ingredients add a tingly spicy note to the cup.

If you drink flavored pu-erh what types do you like? Or do you add any herbs to pu-erh? I personally would not do this to pu-erh from cakes but I will do it with the loose leaf pu-erh I have.

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Feb 2nd, '14, 06:31
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Re: Flavored pu-erh.

by miig » Feb 2nd, '14, 06:31

Well, why not? I do prefer it pure also, but thats no reason to get puristical here :D
What I wouldn't want is tea that has been 'contaminated' with artificial, chemical flavors: Like "chololate cookie Pu-Erh" or something like that. But blending it with some natural ingredients? Why not... Orange peel might work also :)

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Feb 3rd, '14, 09:15
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Re: Flavored pu-erh.

by MEversbergII » Feb 3rd, '14, 09:15

I've had pu'er roasted in a bamboo tube that had a nice flavor to it.


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