What to do with young Sheng samples?

One of the intentionally aged teas, Pu-Erh has a loyal following.

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Mar 26th, '14, 16:19
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Re: What to do with young Sheng samples?

by the_economist » Mar 26th, '14, 16:19

It sounds like both your 'loose sheng' and the takeout tea are cooked. There's some variation in shu tastes, but the leaves won't lie. If you post a picture, it should be obvious.

Here's a nice primer from Bears:

http://puerh.blogspot.com/p/puer-by-app ... orage.html

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Apr 24th, '14, 15:29
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Re: What to do with young Sheng samples?

by hop_goblin » Apr 24th, '14, 15:29

If they are pleasant I drink them young, if they are unpalatable, I put them in an envelope, mark them, and store them, hoping to forget about them and then in a couple of years, hope to find them and try them once again.

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Apr 25th, '14, 23:36
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Re: What to do with young Sheng samples?

by squaretooth » Apr 25th, '14, 23:36

For me, I drink the samples of new puerh simply because I've made the mistake of waiting a long time to drink a sample only to discover an amazing tea that has long been sold out.

On older puerh where only a sample is affordable or able to be obtained, well that I save for a special occasion. Hopefully sharing with a fellow puerh aficionado.

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