Resting Tea

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Jun 8th, '14, 02:20
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Resting Tea

by AllanK » Jun 8th, '14, 02:20

It is the general advice on this forum that a puerh should be rested after being received from a transpacific flight. What I am curious about is, how long do you rest a new tea before brewing it? Do you notice a flavor difference from not resting it.

I generally rest my teas about 4 to 5 days but sometimes don't bother. I am not usually in that big of a hurry to try them anyway.

Jun 8th, '14, 02:35
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Re: Resting Tea

by shah82 » Jun 8th, '14, 02:35

Lincang teas tend to be very sensitive to shipping. Other areas, not so much. Still a good idea if you have the discipline.

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Jun 8th, '14, 03:22
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Re: Resting Tea

by honza » Jun 8th, '14, 03:22

In winter, puerh cakes lost most of their aroma and magic for week or more. Tea is sensitive for weather and transport. Puerh cakes come in zip packs and they need time to be in air. It´s my experience

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Jun 8th, '14, 11:10
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Re: Resting Tea

by TimsMom » Jun 8th, '14, 11:10

Thank you for the information I get on pu erh tea. I am enjoying working with it. I did just learn that you can't leave it overnight and then expect it to taste as good the next morning :(

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Jun 8th, '14, 13:09
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Re: Resting Tea

by puerhking » Jun 8th, '14, 13:09

I agree with 4 or 5 days to wait. Some need longer. Though sometimes I can't wait and get into it after 3 days. :P

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