Old Tea Tree

One of the intentionally aged teas, Pu-Erh has a loyal following.

Nov 2nd 16 12:36 pm
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Old Tea Tree

by cuppa » Nov 2nd 16 12:36 pm

I wonder how do you recognize the difference between tea from bush , from the tea tree younger then 100y , then tea younger 300y and Old tree. As I've heard Gu Shu Cha is from the tree more then 300y , not sure if correct. I would like to know your opinion how you see the difference on tea leafs and feel the taste. If my knowledge about the age classification is wrong, please correct me. I'm just learning. Thanks

Nov 2nd 16 1:48 pm
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Re: Old Tea Tree

by .m. » Nov 2nd 16 1:48 pm

A tree older than 100yrs is an old tree :) Vendors who claim their tea is from trees older than 300 or more years,
in most cases they've just made up that number. (Of course there can be some honorable exceptions.) Even if the tea comes from a natural reserve with old trees, the trees there will most likely have different ages, some will be older some younger. Sorry to be a bit off topic.

Nov 2nd 16 10:02 pm
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Re: Old Tea Tree

by bankung » Nov 2nd 16 10:02 pm

Tea trees of the same age in Jingmai and Mengku would have a vastly different size. Even teas from the same area could be different, depends on sun, shade, mineral, temperature etc. So its very hard to assess the age of the tree from naked eyes.

Most of the gushu in the market uses material from 80+ years old tree. Expect to pay a decent amount for the real old gushu. Nowadays, I would be surprise to see a cake under $80/357g made entirely from early spring crop of 300+ years old tree, regardless of region.