An Exploration in Age Puerh Tea

One of the intentionally aged teas, Pu-Erh has a loyal following.

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Oct 6th 17 5:26 am
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An Exploration in Age Puerh Tea

by PuerhCollector » Oct 6th 17 5:26 am

Puerh tea has always been more than simply a hobby for me. It is a passion, a love that brings me great pleasure and satisfaction. So much so, that I have incorporated puerh tea into my life for close to 20 years now. As a blogger I invite you to browse the contents of my blog and you will understand my passion and genuine affection for puerh tea through the various entries I have written.

Today’s tea market is heavily saturated with young teas. The opportunity to experience and develop an understanding for age tea is limited. With this in mind I am experimenting with the idea of offering sample packs under different themes to highlight the different aspects of age tea at an affordable price. This would provide a genuine opportunity for tea enthusiasts to gain exposure to the appeals of age tea and the different variations of storage. I am posting here to gauge the interest of my fellow tea lovers. If you are a puerh tea enthusiast with an interest in pursuing age tea I would love to hear for you.

What aspects of age tea interests you and what would like to experience?

Which of the options below would interest you most?

1) The Variations of Traditional (Wet) Storage
The extensive practice of traditional (wet) storage dominates age puerh tea from both the Masterpiece and Seven-son historical period. This is to the extent that the majority of age puerh teas produced between the 1950s to early 2000s have been wet stored. Experiencing the variations of wet storage provides a valuable insight into the characteristics of age puerh tea. Additionally understanding these variations of storage will go a long way towards protecting yourself against the mislabeling of age that is rampant in the puerh tea market.

2) The 3 Ages of Green Puerh Tea (1-5yrs, 10+yrs, 20+yrs)
The age journey of tea is fascinating. The aging and transformation of green puerh tea can provide extraordinary results with time. Antique green puerh tea represents the most revered and expensive category of puerh tea. Explore the different stages of green puerh tea at 3 key points of age over a 20 year period. Such a journey can provide invaluable insight into how green puerh tea develops with the passing of time.

3) The 3 Ages of Black Puerh Tea (1-5yrs, 10+yrs, 20+yrs)
The result of aging black puerh tea provides soft and more subtle changes when compared to green puerh tea. Black puerh tea is enjoyed for its smooth earthy and Chinese medicinal flavor, softness in the texture of the brew, and grounding effects on the body. These attributes over time and with decades of aging becomes more pronounced and endearing. The unpleasant characteristic from the fermentation process fades with time as the tea becomes cleaner and more refined. The 3 different stages of age over a 20 year period provide an opportunity for tea enthusiasts looking to experience these changes.