Opinion on 2004 puer Brick

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Feb 13th 19 8:08 am
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Opinion on 2004 puer Brick

by Teobazbo » Feb 13th 19 8:08 am

Hello everybody these days I'm tasting some puerh shu samples.
I tried a brick of 2004 that has a light but constant taste woody and plum notes never a hint of "fish"in all infusions, the liquor is not very viscous but the person who advised me believes it is better than others who gave me.Now I ask you according to you, is correct that the taste remains so light? I noticed that it never takes harsh notes and this seems to me a merit but its delicacy leaves me uncertain.I'm tasting also some Rui cha of 5 years ago with a good aftertaste and this does not help me :x at all!!