How to clean the purple clay teapot

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Sep 4th 19 9:28 am
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How to clean the purple clay teapot

by clayteapot » Sep 4th 19 9:28 am

Although it is good to make tea with a purple sand pot, it will accumulate tea scale. In the process of raising the pot, due to frequent brewing, the inside of the pot will inevitably leave tea scale.

I want to wash it well, but I am afraid of destroying the patina. In fact, as long as the method of washing the pot, not only will not destroy the patina, but will help the soaking of the teapot.

First step

Take a spoonful of edible soda ash (baking soda) into the pot and rush into 100 degrees boiling water (be careful not to forget the warm pot), and then cover the lid with water.

Second step

Wait for two or three minutes or so, use a pot towel or a soft brush to gently brush the pot. You can see that the tea scale has turned into yellow water, and the cleaned pot is as bright as new.

If the first time does not feel completely washed, you can make some more bubbles, then brush again, but be sure to choose soft bristles or a pot towel to avoid hurting the pot.

Note: In order not to damage the patina, when we soak the water, we can only soak the alkaline water in the pot like a tea. Do not soak the pot in a large container filled with alkaline water to prevent the outer layer of the pot from being affected. Pulp effect.