Plastic wrap Sheng Puerh?

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May 18th 22 4:29 pm
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Plastic wrap Sheng Puerh?

by orange. » May 18th 22 4:29 pm

First topic for discussion: suppose you like dry-stored puerh tea. You know that it ages slowly but you like the end product better. So when you do dry storage, do you want to wrap the tea cakes in plastic asap? Will it age better in plastic wrap? I know various people have tried it and talked about trying it. Can we discuss what the results have been?

Jun 6th 22 5:13 pm
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Re: Plastic wrap Sheng Puerh?

by Acc Hugh » Jun 6th 22 5:13 pm

i live in a traditional wet-storage climate, Singapore.

Each to his own, wet or dry storage, there is no superior way to age, only individual taste preference.

For me i've chosen the safe way of cling wrapping the paper-wrapped cakes + placing them in a zip-lock bag with 1x drying agent + placing each package in a singular card box. Collection is located in my living room shelf, my family does not smoke cigarette, so it is relatively cooling and odourless area. I do not use dehumidifier or air-conditioner. And i do not keep track of the temperature nor humidity level.

Can i do better in the storage aspect? yes. I'll probably follow the criteria of professional companies that offer rental spaces to age customers expensive tea collection.

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Jun 8th 22 8:13 pm
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Re: Plastic wrap Sheng Puerh?

by Teasenz » Jun 8th 22 8:13 pm

It's a matter of preference. Ziplock bags help if you want dry storage and let the teas age slowly and dry. But if you prefer your cakes to age faster, then just keeping them in paper wraps is a better idea. It also kinda depends on the climate in which you're in.
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Jul 22nd 22 7:12 pm
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Re: Plastic wrap Sheng Puerh?

by Zubik » Jul 22nd 22 7:12 pm

I store all teas in clay pots with a lid and a dry cellar.
The fact is that clay is an ideal material for storage, inside the pot there is always the same humidity and temperature, mold does not appear there.
In Ukraine, in ancient times, clay pots were an analogue of a refrigerator, even dairy products were stored.
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