One of the intentionally aged teas, Pu-Erh has a loyal following.

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Aug 25th, '08, 22:43
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by taitea » Aug 25th, '08, 22:43

I'm looking to introduce myself to puerh by ordering some samples, but apparently puerh shop doesn't ship to my location (Quebec, I guess).

Where else can I order samples from and what would be a good range of puerhs to sample to demonstrate the common traits and differences of puerh?

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Aug 26th, '08, 01:02
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by Wesli » Aug 26th, '08, 01:02 and YSLLC ebay store and even teaspring or royalpuerh etc

Just get a couple young shengs, a couple shus, and a couple aged shengs.

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Aug 26th, '08, 04:27
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by omegapd » Aug 26th, '08, 04:27

As I'm sitting here waiting on a box from Yunnan Sourcing, I'll second that recommendation whole heartedly. The wait is the hardest part...

Jim from Puerhshop posts here frequently and seems like a great guy to work with. Maybe an email to him will help you out on the shipping... :?:


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