One of the intentionally aged teas, Pu-Erh has a loyal following.

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Oct 26th, '08, 13:56
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by shogun89 » Oct 26th, '08, 13:56

I know some of you out there have this brick and I was just wondering what you thought of it. ... cts_id=388

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Oct 26th, '08, 14:11
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by omegapd » Oct 26th, '08, 14:11

This was the brick that had that odd numbing effect on me.

I liked it- but don't have any other young sheng to compare it to (yet).

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Oct 26th, '08, 14:55
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by edkrueger » Oct 26th, '08, 14:55

I'm interested in hearing about this one too.

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Oct 26th, '08, 15:41
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by Salsero » Oct 26th, '08, 15:41

Excerpts from my notes:
  • Light and pleasant yiwu flavor, some viscosity.
    sweet, a bit viscous, and quite smooth for such a young puerh.
    There's a bit of an aftertaste that is nice and the overall flavor profile is probably mushroomy.
At this price I doubt the leaves are authentic Yiwu, but this one really strikes me as a great bargain, and the box it comes in is cool too! I address HERE the issue of the numbness that Omegapd felt.

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