One of the intentionally aged teas, Pu-Erh has a loyal following.

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Nov 11th, '12, 04:21
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Re: ChaQi

by Tead Off » Nov 11th, '12, 04:21

needaTEAcher wrote:I know the rule for tasting is light to dark, but I think we can safely discard rules for tasting when drinking to feel. I have been traveling now to for 8 months straight. Some training, but horrible sleep, bad diet, and horrible tea routine. I now notice no difference if I drink oolong before or after, but I think that will change when my body is cleaner and healthier. I have also noticed that puerh either gives me too much now (my tolerance is down but I will drink as I am accustomed) or I don't feel the tea as much. I just thought this was interesting and wanted to share..
What rules do we need for tasting and feeling? They are going on automatically before you can think of the next thing to say. How can anyone really understand what you taste and feel?

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Nov 11th, '12, 07:22
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Re: ChaQi

by needaTEAcher » Nov 11th, '12, 07:22

I mean the general rule of tasting white before green before oolong before red before black. But ultimately, I agree entirely, that how you taste is personal which is my point here: that so many people seem to feel they can instruct others on even the more personal aspects of tea consumption.

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