The leaf - Issue 4 out

One of the intentionally aged teas, Pu-Erh has a loyal following.

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Dec 26th, '08, 04:44
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The leaf - Issue 4 out

by nada » Dec 26th, '08, 04:44

In my opinion, the best issue yet. I'm spending a lazy day savouring the articles.

Having spent some time with Aaron in Taiwan, I'm beginning to get a feeling for how much time and energy he puts into providing this free publication for the western tea drinking community. This is truly a labour of love.

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Dec 26th, '08, 08:47
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by thanks » Dec 26th, '08, 08:47

As always an excellent issue. Thanks for the heads up Nada.

How are your travels?

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Dec 26th, '08, 11:40
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by Salsero » Dec 26th, '08, 11:40

Thanks, Nada.
TomVerlain wrote: There is an excellent listing of the 26 tea mountain regions.
Boy, that really is impressive!

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Dec 27th, '08, 10:44
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by odarwin » Dec 27th, '08, 10:44

thanks for the link!

one question though, in the storage article, aaron shared his experience reviving a whole jar of tuo cha's... i was just wondering what the sealing in a ceramic jar is for in reviving the tuo cha's?


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Jan 11th, '09, 14:48
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by JAS-eTea Guy » Jan 11th, '09, 14:48

Thanks for the heads up. Even though I have this site bookmarked, I did not know the next issue had come out.

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