China Sees Its Fortunes in Tea Leaves from NY Times

One of the intentionally aged teas, Pu-Erh has a loyal following.

Jan 18th, '09, 12:47
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China Sees Its Fortunes in Tea Leaves from NY Times

by Dragon Tea » Jan 18th, '09, 12:47

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Jan 18th, '09, 12:58
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by Geospearit » Jan 18th, '09, 12:58

Thanks for the link. So when will we see the effects of the crash, if there really was one?

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Jan 18th, '09, 14:13
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by Salsero » Jan 18th, '09, 14:13

Welcome to the forum, Dragon Tea! Are you a puerh drinker?

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Jan 18th, '09, 15:47
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by tenuki » Jan 18th, '09, 15:47

'But with no empirical way to establish a tea’s provenance, many buyers are easily duped.

“If you study Pu’er your whole life, you still can’t recognize the differences in the teas,” said Mr. Wang, the tea buyer. “I tell people to just buy what tastes good and don’t worry about anything else.”

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