Something strange

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Jan 27th, '09, 15:47
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Something strange

by tomd » Jan 27th, '09, 15:47

So today started off like a normal day, school then some tea after while I do some studying. I got out the teapot I made in clayworks, which is a glazed 100 mL pot, and set the water on. When I was warming up the teapot I noticed little droplets of ?tea? on the outside:

I think its just tea build up because I didn't pre-season it. If you let it sit with warm water in it the drops appear almost everywhere.

Hmm... :?

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Jan 27th, '09, 16:48
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by shogun89 » Jan 27th, '09, 16:48

Interesting. Nice looking pot by the way! :D :D :D

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