Pu Li?

One of the intentionally aged teas, Pu-Erh has a loyal following.

Jan 28th, '09, 02:52
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Pu Li?

by MrTea » Jan 28th, '09, 02:52

Does anyone know what Pu Li tea is? Friend brought it back from Hong Kong. it's a bunch of Chinese and "Pu Li Tea" written in English.

Jan 28th, '09, 03:16
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by MrTea » Jan 28th, '09, 03:16

okay found out its the Cantonese for Pu-erh

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Jan 28th, '09, 15:01
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by Consilium » Jan 28th, '09, 15:01

Yes that's what it is. I'm not totally sure if all Cantonese speaking Chinese pronounce it this way, but the ones I've bought pu'er from pronounce it as "po lay" tea - although its not spelled that way.

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