David Lee Hoffman

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Apr 28th, '09, 12:42
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David Lee Hoffman

by SmidgeDE » Apr 28th, '09, 12:42

Hi everyone,

I thought it would be a good idea to portrait some of the people that have had an impact on developing and also reviving tea culture. I encourage everyone to add a bit of information.

David Lee Hoffman

David Lee Hoffman was one of the pioneers in bringing organic, artisan, handcrafted tea to America. He started his company in 1990.

Quote: "Part of the beauty of tea is you can get so many different tastes and sensations with it. Almost emotion, each tea has a different emotion and personality. And you could shape that personality, you could play with it, depending on how you steep it, and the water, and the temperature, time, and the quantity of leaf you put in, it all has a contribution to the shape that you want to give that tea."

Official Homepage: http://www.davidleehoffman.com (still under construction)


Interviews from SamovarLife:
http://samovarlife.com/tea-tea-tv-episo ... pioneer-2/
http://samovarlife.com/david-lee-hoffma ... es-of-tea/

Trailer to 2007 Movie "All in this tea":
(IMDB: http://us.imdb.com/title/tt1015968 )

Article, The dying art of tea: http://www.chow.com/blog/tag/david-lee-hoffman

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Apr 28th, '09, 14:39
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by Janine » Apr 28th, '09, 14:39

There was recently a topic on the movie "All In This Tea"


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