My Invisible Swimming Pool

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Mar 6th 18 10:15 pm
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My Invisible Swimming Pool

by msrutarutabaga » Mar 6th 18 10:15 pm

Hello Fellow Tea Drinkers. I am a former tea professional, having opened (and then closed) my own storefront and subsequently, an online tea shop which specialized in tea accessories. The title of my post refers to the pool that could be in my backyard if only I hadn't dumped all my cash into two tea businesses!

Not that I regret it (much :? ). I love tea, I enjoyed my time in the business--so much so that I am contemplating yet one more venture into it. For this reason, I thought I'd start hanging at some of my old haunts; when I was waist-deep in the business, TeaChat was a reliable spot for research, knowledge and community. Before I become the living definition of crazy--that is, doing the same thing over and over while expecting different results--I thought it would be prudent to once again immerse myself in the preferences and general wisdom of this community of committed tea aficionados. During the time that I was active in the business, I was a big fan of Adagio--their quality products and their exemplary service. That I could find TeaChat and TeaMap on their site as well was just the clotted cream on the scone (so to speak :oops: . )

For what it's worth, I was formerly registered--in 2005 or so--but the system can't seem to find my old identity, so I am here with a new profile. And I confess: I am more of a lurker than a poster. But I do have some questions steeping, so perhaps I will become more comfortable stepping into the fray this time around.

Thanks for the opportunity to share some of my tea saga, and please know that I am reading with great interest the stories of your journeys, discoveries and revelations in the world of tea as well.

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Mar 9th 18 5:17 pm
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Re: My Invisible Swimming Pool

by AndrewGC » Mar 9th 18 5:17 pm

Welcome back, msrutarutabaga :D

Here to help you however you need!