Newcomer with Questions!

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Mar 5th 18 8:32 pm
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Newcomer with Questions!

by ValeandSimba » Mar 5th 18 8:32 pm

My name is Valeria, and Although I have seen this chat every now and then to answer some of my questions, I never actually signed up until now.
A few things about me:
- My Tea obsession is about as equal as a Teenager who is Obsessed with Coffee
- I am a little uncertain about trying new teas, that aren't fruity.. But if you have any suggestions please lmk!
- Im Pretty athletic, Im an Equestrian (rides horses) and play around with Soccer and Golf when I can

Being new here, I do have a few questions..
1) Although I love tea, I never really learned what each one is best for.. I know how its made, and the strength of the tea, however I know that certain leaves go best with a certain flavor profile.. So if anyone knows about that I would love to hear about it!
2) If any of you have tried DavidsTea, you have probably seen the "perfect spoon" around their site/store.. The perfect spoon is about the size of two teaspoons mixed into one.. and their recipe it says 1 Perfect Spoon for hot, and 1 for cold, it works out ok for me, but what ratios (Amount:Water) do you guys use for tea? (Almost all my DavidsTea is out Majority of My tea is Adagio, so these ratios would be for Adagio) This would also be for a strong cup, since I really love having the strong flavors
3) I only drink my tea Iced, Im in Florida, so hot tea is a big N.O. for me.. However when I make my iced tea, I make it hot then steep it and then pour it over ice, the tea is still somewhat strong, however over time as the ice melts it gets very watery, and I don't like to rush when drinking my tea, so drinking it all in a minute isn't an option.. I have tried to just stick a bag of loose leaf tea into cold water and keeping it in the fridge, but It took forever for the water to even get some flavor, and once I kept it over night, the tea became bitter.. so for you Iced tea Drinkers, How do you make your iced tea??
-Thanks to those who are able to answer my questions! :)

Mar 8th 18 9:55 am
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Re: Newcomer with Questions!

by songyiteataiwan » Mar 8th 18 9:55 am

Hi !
So for your question (3), I can give some suggestions how we make the cold brewed tea! :)

- For Loose leaves, you can try the proportion 1g : 60cc normal temperature water. ( Ex. 5g tea leaves in 300cc of water )
- After placing the tea leaves into the bottle, cover it and immediately place it into the refrigerator for 10 to 12 hours.
/ Or Steep it for 1 to 2 hours at room temperature to fasten the release of the tea aroma and then place it in the refrigerator for another 8 to 10 hours.
-Ready to enjoy!

The time of infusion can be determined by the existing temperature. The lower the temperature, the longer the time of infusion.
Hope it would help for you :)

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Mar 9th 18 8:51 pm
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Re: Newcomer with Questions!

by AndrewGC » Mar 9th 18 8:51 pm

Hi Valeria!

I can answer to how we do proportions here at Adagio. We use a rule of 1 teaspoon of tea per 8oz serving. Now since most mugs are 10-12 ounces, 1.5 teaspoons is usually good for a standard mug size.

What size glass are you using for your iced tea? As a general rule with ice, we like to recommend brewing double strength if you're going to pour the hot tea over ice! songyiteataiwan has a good suggestion - choose the tea you want to drink iced the day before and brew it hot, remove the leaves and store in the fridge overnight, then its cool and won't dilute as fast on ice the next day!

Thanks for posting here!