oldmanteapot... I’m back!!

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Mar 23rd, '18, 08:46
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oldmanteapot... I’m back!!

by OCTO » Mar 23rd, '18, 08:46

Hi everyone!

Some here might know me by the handle oldmanteapot... I’m back with a new handle OCTO. Some hiccups in with my old nick so I decided to save the time and just create a new one!

OCTO aka oldmanteapot from Penang, Malaysia.

Glad to be back!


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Mar 23rd, '18, 19:15
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Re: oldmanteapot... I’m back!!

by yalokinh » Mar 23rd, '18, 19:15

I became inactive around 2014-15, everything is different now. Is your experience the same?

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Apr 1st, '18, 15:39
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Re: oldmanteapot... I’m back!!

by bagua7 » Apr 1st, '18, 15:39

Yeap. It is many of the long time users stopped posting but as long as the forum is still active, spirit never dies ;)

Apr 14th, '18, 11:43
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Re: oldmanteapot... I’m back!!

by Proinsias » Apr 14th, '18, 11:43

Welcome back!

I just wandered back in after a while, nice to see some familiar faces :)

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