Hello Everyone on Teachat!

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Oct 5th 19 3:32 am
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Hello Everyone on Teachat!

by jamesedwardj » Oct 5th 19 3:32 am

Hello, my name is James.
I'd like to meet others around the world who love tea.
I currently live and work in Japan in Shizuoka prefecture where tea is very popular. I work in a Japanese tea manufacturing company in overseas sales.
So any advice and tips would be greatly appreciated about tea popular in America, Europe, and so one, or rather what kind of Japanese tea you wish to have!

The area I live in specialises in producing Fukamushi Sencha, deep steamed sencha. I am very lucky to work with tea everyday, tasting and smelling different varieties and even see it being produced from raw leaf to final product in the factories.

At the same time I am studying in Japanese to become a Japanese tea instructor.

I look forward to hearing from others on this forum and again appreciate any input and advice as it will help me to introduce the quality tea my company produces abroad. Quality Japanese tea is truly a wonder and joy to experience.

Thank you!

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Oct 9th 19 7:02 pm
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Re: Hello Everyone on Teachat!

by AndrewGC » Oct 9th 19 7:02 pm

Welcome, James! Glad to have you!

We would love to hear more about your work in tea production! We hope you'll consider writing some posts about your experiences.

If you have any questions, let me know!