Hello from Bangkok

Please introduce yourself here to our membership

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Mar 10th, '10, 10:20
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Hello from Bangkok

by ndw76 » Mar 10th, '10, 10:20

Hello everybody.
My name is Nathan and I have developed a love of real tea.
I am an Australian living and working in Bangkok, Thailand. So far I have been living here in Bangkok for about three years and I hope to be here for many years to come.
I was a dedicated coffee drinker until I realised that coffee wasn't doing me any good. I don't mean to diss coffee, it could also have been the copious amounts of artificial sweetener and artificial whitener. So I decided to try tea instead.
Being a person who doesn't like to do things by half I bought a tea pot, easy to come by here, and after a trip to the supermarket I had a selection of green tea and English tea.
Then about two weeks ago while visiting some temples in China town in Bangkok I found countless shops each selling anything from 5 to 15 different selections of tea. Since then I have begun to realise the multitude of different teas and I have developed an obsessive desire to learn as much as I can about tea.
And so I am here.

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Mar 10th, '10, 11:09
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Re: Hello from Bangkok

by Mrs. Chip » Mar 10th, '10, 11:09

Welcome Nathan!

What a lovely introduction, thank you for sharing with us. Well, you came to the right 'TeaPlace' to learn, I know you will enjoy your TeaJourney along with us.

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Mar 10th, '10, 12:18
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Re: Hello from Bangkok

by debunix » Mar 10th, '10, 12:18

Welcome, and looking forward to your posts.

My tea book (the story of tea by Heiss & Heiss) mentions a couple of interesting things about tea in Thailand: traditional pickled tea (letpet or miang) from wild tea treas in the northern Thailand; and ethnic chinese refugees from Myanmar who planted Taiwanese tea bushes to make oolong teas. The pickled tea sounds like it's more of a savory tonic than a tea, but the oolong sounds very interesting. And of course you probably have a wonderful variety of teas from all over Asia available there.

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Mar 10th, '10, 12:34
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Re: Hello from Bangkok

by Chip » Mar 10th, '10, 12:34

Welcome Nathan! You are at the right place it seems, thanks for sharing with us!

I am looking forward to seeing you around the forum.

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May 5th, '10, 21:24
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Re: Hello from Bangkok

by nonc_ron » May 5th, '10, 21:24

Welcome Nathan, I've always wanted a friend in Bangkok!

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May 5th, '10, 23:00
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Re: Hello from Bangkok

by Victoria » May 5th, '10, 23:00

Welcome, hope to see you around!

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May 6th, '10, 08:36
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Re: Hello from Bangkok

by rabbit » May 6th, '10, 08:36

Welcome, you will find that the list of things to learn about tea is never ending, and the joys of drinking tea are just about the same, there is always something new to try :)

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May 6th, '10, 13:17
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Re: Hello from Bangkok

by Dresden » May 6th, '10, 13:17

Welcome aboard!

Oct 12th, '15, 20:31
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Re: Hello from Bangkok

by lysander » Oct 12th, '15, 20:31

Hi, I'm also from Bangkok! Looking forward to reading your posts.


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