Hey ya'll.

Please introduce yourself here to our membership

Dec 9th, '10, 13:27
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Hey ya'll.

by rafael » Dec 9th, '10, 13:27

My name is Ralf. I'm new.lol. I'm from S.E. Texas and I love tea.

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Dec 9th, '10, 13:36
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Re: Hey ya'll.

by rabbit » Dec 9th, '10, 13:36

Well, this is a good place for people who love tea! Welcome!

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Dec 9th, '10, 13:40
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Re: Hey ya'll.

by nickE » Dec 9th, '10, 13:40

rabbit wrote:Well, this is a good place for people who love tea! Welcome!
Wait, this forum is about tea? Then what have I been drinking... :shock:

Welcome Ralf! :mrgreen:

Dec 9th, '10, 13:52
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Re: Hey ya'll.

by rafael » Dec 9th, '10, 13:52

Thanks friends. Not sure where everyone is from but most folks down here iced tea. I like hot tea. I used to drink coffe but it caused me a lot of stomach problems. I'm just learning about all the different teas. I had no idea.

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Dec 9th, '10, 14:38
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Re: Hey ya'll.

by Chip » Dec 9th, '10, 14:38

Welcome to TeaChat Ralf. Hope to see you around!

Please feel free to share what is in your cup on TeaDay! :mrgreen:

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Dec 9th, '10, 16:42
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Re: Hey ya'll.

by Dresden » Dec 9th, '10, 16:42

Welcome to TeaChat from your cajun neighbor to the east!

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Dec 9th, '10, 20:05
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Re: Hey ya'll.

by IPT » Dec 9th, '10, 20:05

Welcome! I look forward to seeing you around the forum!

Have a wonderful day!

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Dec 10th, '10, 02:10
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Re: Hey ya'll.

by Victoria » Dec 10th, '10, 02:10


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Dec 10th, '10, 17:58
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Re: Hey ya'll.

by teaisme » Dec 10th, '10, 17:58

lucky guy get to eat some of that great texmex

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