Hi from Cleveland

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Dec 15th, '10, 21:48
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Hi from Cleveland

by BioHorn » Dec 15th, '10, 21:48

I have been lurking on the forum for some time. There is just so much great information. People's contributions have been very helpful. It seems like a good time to take the plunge and jump on board.

Hello to the forum. I live in Shaker Heights.
I am curious if there other teaophiles in the Cleveland, Ohio area?

-How long have you been drinking tea?

7 years. It began when my Chinese-American neighbor served me tea properly brewed in a pot. That afternoon I felt more alert, like a fog was lifted off my head. When I came back a few days later she served a different delicious variety. After that I logged on to learn more about Chinese tea and ufff...the beginning of a great pastime. I love the practical aspect of Chinese tea making. The goal being to make the best cup of tea possible. It is quite a contrast to the Japanese focus on form.

I waited years before beginning to drink Pu-erh. It just seemed overwhelming. Before beginning I read a lot. I loved this now defunct Czech blog on pu-erh:

Does anyone know if that was MarshalN's?

Another one that has been of help:

As has Ancient TeaHorse Road. Thanks to you guys!
But Pu-erh is subject for another post...

-What was your first Tea?

Apart from Lipton I think it was a green tea like Gunpowder. I also drank some white tea's early on.

-What is your favorite Tea currently?

After having cycled through many kinds of tea for daily drinking dan cong Oolong remains my favorite. This Osmanthus Phoenix Dan Cong Oolong shown in the photo below that a friend brought me from China has been a favorite this year.

I had some great Bai-ji Guan from Gordon at Dragonhouse and Imen's 2007 Bor Tou was also exceptional.

-What is your next purchase?

1993 Menghai 7542 from Essence of Tea
Bai Ye King Dancong Oolong from Gordon at Dragon House on eBay

-Where is your favorite spot to brew up?

On our back porch (it is enclosed but stays out of commission in the winter)
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Dec 15th, '10, 23:44
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Re: Hi from Cleveland

by Chip » Dec 15th, '10, 23:44

Welcome to TeaChat BioHorn! I am certainly looking forward to seeing you around the forum.

Share what is in your cup on TeaDay.

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Dec 16th, '10, 11:51
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Re: Hi from Cleveland

by Victoria » Dec 16th, '10, 11:51


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