New in Illinois

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Jan 3rd, '11, 17:33
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New in Illinois

by AimeeSue82 » Jan 3rd, '11, 17:33

Hi everyone!
I am BRAND new to loose tea. I've been drinking tea since I was a little kid, but always Lipton tea bags. For Christmas, my aunt gave me the ingenuiTEA teapot and the Adagio Silk Road black tea sampler pack. I've been checking out this site and reading some of the previous posts. Here's my main concern, when I make my Lipton in the morning, I add sugar and that like a cardinal sin in the loose tea world? Do you all add anything to your teas or just drink them straight? I don't want to abuse my fancy new tea! Thanks all! ~Aimee

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Jan 3rd, '11, 17:39
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Re: New in Illinois

by Chip » Jan 3rd, '11, 17:39

Hiya Aimee ... you will likely find a lesser and lesser need for added sugar and milk with loose leaf tea. Some people add it to blacks, many do not. Other teas it should be avoided.

If you drink a lot of tea, adding milk and sugar can be a negative!

Anyway, welcome to TeaChat, and I hope to see you around the forum.

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Jan 3rd, '11, 18:22
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Re: New in Illinois

by Victoria » Jan 3rd, '11, 18:22

Welcome to TeaChat! You may find it easier to omit the milk. Later trying to reduce the sugar so you can taste the true flavor of the leaf. Try oolong or white; they are milder to drink without sugar.

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Jan 4th, '11, 20:20
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Re: New in Illinois

by nonc_ron » Jan 4th, '11, 20:20

Welcome! Nice to have you with us!Image

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