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Jan 7th, '11, 12:31
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Hello from new green tea drinker :)

by Xell » Jan 7th, '11, 12:31


Currently i'm living in Japan, Nagasaki. I moved to Japan less than a year ago from Estonia and of course started to discover taste of real green tea. Slowly, but my interest started to grow and found myself speaking with other people who enjoy green tea. About a month ago i met a person, who's in tea business for about 40 years, really cheerful man, i got a lot of tips and information from him and also idea of opening small shop on internet with his help. Now it's my new hobby and possible some extra income for my other hobby's :) I want to learn more about types of green tea and tea-ware, that's how i ended up here.

i don't remember when i bought last bottle of cola :D

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Jan 7th, '11, 12:34
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Re: Hello from new green tea drinker :)

by Chip » Jan 7th, '11, 12:34

Welcome Xell to TeaChat. I am looking forward to seeing you around the forum.

Please share what is in your cup on TeaDay

YAY sencha!!!

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Jan 8th, '11, 11:13
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Re: Hello from new green tea drinker :)

by nonc_ron » Jan 8th, '11, 11:13

Hope to see you around the forum. Image

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Jan 8th, '11, 14:48
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Re: Hello from new green tea drinker :)

by Victoria » Jan 8th, '11, 14:48

Welcome, we love our tea around here ... and cats too.

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