Hello from Singapore!

Please introduce yourself here to our membership

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Jan 27th, '11, 05:07
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Hello from Singapore!

by wenpin » Jan 27th, '11, 05:07

Hi everyone,

This is a great community and resource on the Internet - I have been reading the posts for several months before finally decided to sign up and join in the discussion.

Living where I am, tea has always been part of daily life but never really in a conscious way. I began to take a more active and considered interest early last year after deciding it was a healthier and more reasonably priced alternative to wine. But then I discovered yixing-ware and only the health reason stills hold true...

It is still early in my tea journey and I drink pretty much everything - white tea, green tea, oolongs, pu erh, black teas.

Look forward to (eventually) being a useful member of the teachat community!

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Jan 27th, '11, 05:14
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Re: Hello from Singapore!

by auhckw » Jan 27th, '11, 05:14

Hello neighbor and welcome here :)

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Jan 30th, '11, 23:38
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Re: Hello from Singapore!

by Chip » Jan 30th, '11, 23:38

Greeting and welcome to TeaChat. Hope to see you around the forum!

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Feb 2nd, '11, 01:13
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Re: Hello from Singapore!

by the_economist » Feb 2nd, '11, 01:13

welcome fellow singaporean! im relatively new too but there are experts that lurk around here :)

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