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Feb 13th, '11, 08:38
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by nanceFreg11 » Feb 13th, '11, 08:38

Hi I am new here, hope we can friends in the future. I want to know more on this site I hope we can discuss more topics.

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Feb 13th, '11, 18:41
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Re: newbie

by Windy_City_TeaCup » Feb 13th, '11, 18:41

Hi Nance!

I just found this site this past weekend - through the tea class section. I was searching the area to see if there were any tea tastings or classes and stumble upon teachat. I have been drinking tea for a few years now but looking to learn more about the different varities and how tea is made.

Here's to learning and enjoying a good cup of tea! Cheers!

Feb 16th, '11, 03:22
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Re: newbie

by Chimpie » Feb 16th, '11, 03:22

Hello and nice to meet you :D

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Feb 16th, '11, 09:10
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Re: newbie

by nonc_ron » Feb 16th, '11, 09:10

Hi and welcome to TeaChat.Image

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Feb 16th, '11, 15:03
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Re: newbie

by Chip » Feb 16th, '11, 15:03

Greetings and welcome to TeaChat. I certainly am looking forward to seeing you around the forum.

Feb 16th, '11, 20:48
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Re: newbie

by Cael » Feb 16th, '11, 20:48

Welcome to Tea Chat. I hope you find some of the conversations you are looking for.

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